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A House in the Country

I was dating a man who went on a peace mission to Central America and returned to tell me he’d met someone on the trip who could really make him happy. I wanted to be happy too. I bought a house in the country. I was happy for a while. I was ecstatically happy, tossing […]

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Spring Green, WI

It’s best to have a detailed county map when exploring the beautiful countryside surrounding Spring Green. Otherwise you might never veer off onto the back roads and discover such treasures as the Friendship Historical Wayside on Friendship Drive, about 18 miles north of Spring Green (off highway 23), near Loganville. It’s a restored one-room schoolhouse […]

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Cheap Ticket

“You’ll never sell it.” My brother’s chuckle sounded too loud in my ear. “Who’d want to go to Cleveland?” That’s all I remember about the conversation, even though I know we talked about things besides the airplane ticket I’d bought before the family get-together shifted to a different weekend. “Of course I can sell it,” […]

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Jay Elvis

People always have a favorite restaurant or night spot they want all their friends to try. There’s a guy at work–Joe–he’s got an Elvis impersonator. Joe has followed Jay Elvis from one unfash-ionable north-side tavern to another. A couple of years ago, when Joe lost track of Jay, he wrote to the Sun-Times’s Action Time. […]

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The Work of a Master

I’m sitting in my office one afternoon when a young man I’ve never seen there pokes his head in the doorway. He’s wearing Bermuda shorts, a black-and-white T-shirt promoting somebody’s band, has long brown hair tied behind his neck in a single tightly wound braid. The look is at once clean-cut and 90s-hip. He’s carrying […]