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No Apologies!

In recent weeks certain bellicose correspondents have stormed onto your letters page, purple in the face and shaking their fists at Garret Gaston for daring to make fun of the Catholic church in his cartoon La Petite Camera [June 21]. Last week’s missive by Raymond E. Drake of something called the American Society for the […]

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Model Plans

In his capsule reviews of four new books dealing with how industry might be altered or persuaded to co-exist more benignly with the environment [“Small Leaps Forward,” February 9], Harold Henderson states: Even if…big plans for protecting the environment are just too 20th century, we still need to come up with modest plans–plans that, if […]

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Savage Love 101

To the editor: Although I’m an avid fan of Dan Savage’s Savage Love in the back of Section Four, I feel an informational tidbit in his August 27 column may have misled all three of the Reader’s readers in Kansas and the half dozen or so who were planning to move there. The item in […]

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Frank Foes in a Nutshell

A vote of confidence. I enjoy reading Tom Frank’s Capital Lies. I like the methodical way he takes apart one institution or another and the facades they put up in an attempt to mislead people. I also like, almost as much, the vituperative letters his writings inevitably provoke in the weeks following their publication. Now […]

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Beloved as the Beatles

Dear Reader, I have an amiable quibble with your music columnist. Bill Wyman writes in his April 5 column, “At some point the uniqueness of the book [Mark Lewisohn’s The Beatles: Recording Sessions] struck me; no comparable document exists for artists of similar stature in any other medium. There’s no similar accounting of Shakespeare’s drafts, […]

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Obliterating the 60s

To the editors: Eleanor Stoddard’s letter [February 8] was mostly hilarious. Upon reading it I had to take another look at Mike McGrath’s review of Ronald Reagan’s autobiography [January 18] to see if McGrath really had included loopy, loony conspiracy theories worthy of Lyndon LaRouche. I’m still looking. If anything, McGrath was relatively gracious; the […]