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Simone’s, Abuelo’s Mexican Grill, and ten more restaurants in Pilsen and Little Village

Abuelo’s Mexican Grill | $ Brothers Angel and Hugo Gomez have transformed a grungy storefront across from the Damen Pink Line stop into a sparkling sandwich shop wallpapered with Latin American record jackets and National Geographic covers. Sopes, tacos, burritos and tortas are well conceived and delicious, demonstrating fine attention to detail. The chorizo sope […]

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Redhot Ranch, Old-School Hot Dogs

Gary Wiviott Redhot Ranch Not since Demon Dogs vanished in the rubble of el renovation has Chicago’s north side had a serious old-school dog stand. Redhot Ranch is the answer to the prayers of time-pressed clock-punchers and dipsomaniacal late-night travelers for whom the trek to Jimmy’s would be as daunting and hazardous as the Iditarod. […]