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Ben Joravsky’s June 29 column mistakenly referred to state senator Frank Watson as Frank Watkins, who is a longtime aide to Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jr. –The Editors A few corrections [“Steeds With Wheels” by Scott Eden, June 8]: First, New York does not allow a player to put their mallet into another player’s spokes. […]

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On Exhibit: century-old movie machines

Carey Williams owns an old warehouse on the south side. There, on an upper floor, he maintains a vast collection of film equipment dating back to the 1890s. In addition to hundreds of cameras and projectors, the space is packed with posters, gigantic television cameras, studio lights, and a fleet of antique high-wheeled bicycles. “Look […]

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Not Dead Yet

The prevailing view is that the Illinois Republican Party lies on a slab in the morgue. “People think it’s dead from the shoulders down and up,” says conservative commentator Thomas Roeser. Dial back a decade to the 1994 elections, and things were bright and lively for the Republicans. “They had everything,” says Democratic political strategist […]