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At Home With the Senator

“Hello, this is Paul,” said the man who answered the phone. The voice was unmistakably Senator Simon’s. I reached him last summer at a number I’d gotten out of the phone book. I paused, then launched into my spiel–I’d been a supporter during his presidential run in ’88 (“Thank you,” he said) and my wife […]

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Bike Hazzards Bill Deflated

Bicyclists’ rights advocates felt optimistic in April when the Illinois senate passed the Bicycle Safety Restoration Act by a vote of 54 to 0. But last week the measure died in the Illinois house’s judiciary committee, which deadlocked on the bill and prevented it from moving forward. Illinois bicyclists haven’t had liability protection since 1998, […]

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Racist Baiting

By the time I arrived at the county courthouse in Skokie last Saturday, the Ku Klux Klan rally was in full swing. I counted more than 400 protesters and more than 100 police, some on horseback. I’d read that about 30 KKK members were expected, but I couldn’t see or hear them. They were near […]

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Preaching to the Choir

To the editor: Michael Solot’s review (June 2) of John Colapinto’s book about the unfortunate David Reimer deserves a less biased response than that offered by Carla Hess (Letters, June 9). Ms. Hess begins by attempting to ridicule what she calls Solot’s “true agenda,” revealed “when Solot asks whether Reimer has ‘any special insight into […]

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Visitor’s Guide

Madison Wisconsin Madison’s firefighters and gays and lesbians tend to head to different haunts. Here’s where you might find some of each. Many of those who quash Madison’s blazes get their after-hours drinks at the Caribou Tavern (703 E. Johnson, 608-257-5993), a cramped bar owned by retired police officer Denny Schmelzkopf. Schmelzkopf has never given […]