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An Urgent Message to the Youth

“Fear Nothing–Be Down for the Whole Thing Tour” was emblazoned at the top of the leaflet. Underneath that: “Carl Dix, National Spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, Delivers an Urgent Message to the Youth.” The tour was to hit Detroit, LA, New York, and other cities. Late last month was Chicago’s turn, at the United […]

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On Video: J. Edgar Hoover vs. the people

“I’m a cynical person,” says filmmaker Denis Mueller, “but it was much worse than I thought.” He learned about the systematic program of disinformation and repression launched against radical black groups in the late 1960s in the process of making a film. COINTELPRO–an acronym for “counter-intelligence program”–was a multipronged offensive launched by J. Edgar Hoover’s […]

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Art Facts: Robert Peters and the call of the authentic

Up on the fourth floor of the Public Library Cultural Center, there’s a series of partitioned spaces filled with strange objects and constructions–“site-specific installations,” as they’re known in the art world. Such works, built specifically for a particular site and often creating an environment into which the viewer enters, are not readily salable commodities. Indeed, […]

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Chicago International Film Festival

* = recommended Friday October 13 *Yaaba Idrissa Ouedraogo’s first feature film, The Choice, chronicling the long trek of a family forced by drought to leave their home, was a film about displacement. His second, Yaaba, on the other hand, is about having a place in the world. A young boy and girl, playing on […]