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Chi Lives: sizing up the ancient Greeks

Among the art-history tenets Eleanor Guralnick dutifully absorbed as a college undergraduate in the 1950s was the notion that a stylistic relationship existed between Egyptian statues and Greek kouroi, statues that depicted young Greek men. It wasn’t until years later that she realized that art historians had no proof for that claim. “In some ways […]

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Grace and the Guys

Grace Lai was perched on a stool next to a fire hydrant near State and Grand the wintry afternoon when I first noticed her. Surround-ed by plastic bags, she looked plump and misshapen in her multiple layers of winter clothing. Strapped securely under her chin was a bright plastic hard hat. On her lap she […]

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The Changing of the Garden

It’s an amazing little miracle every year. All winter, riding by on the 151 Sheridan bus, we hardly even notice those patches of dull, cloddy earth stretching like permanent shadows just south of the conservatory on Fullerton. Then, one day toward the end of May or in early June, we look up and think, “Hey, […]