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The Courage of My Companions

My name Lobsang Sherpa. I am Sherpa. Carry big load up mountain. Climb Sagarmatha, mountain you call Everest, seven time. My English not so good. OK to speak Sherpa, you make into English? That’s better. I can speak enough English to make myself understood on the mountain–I know the words for crampon, altitude sickness, and […]

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Double Fault

You won’t remember me unless you’re a trivia freak with a stack of Tennis back issues, but that’s cool. Hardly anyone, even in the industry, follows the game well enough to know anyone but the men’s and women’s winners at Wimbledon, plus a few other genuine American heroes. …

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Reader to Reader

One morning I dashed across the lawn of my building to catch the 146 bus, arriving breathless behind a jovial woman who was trying to stuff coins into the jammed hopper. The bus driver was trying to cover it with his hand. “What I’m telling you is that it’s not working,” he said with cold […]