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Gift of the Magi; Ned and Jack

GIFT OF THE MAGI Stormfield Theatre Company NED AND JACK Midwest Stageworks at A.R.C. Gallery Any theater would love to have an annual gold mine like Goodman’s Christmas Carol, a lucrative stocking stuffer that pays the bills for much of the season while providing flop insurance for the riskier experimental enterprises. For two seasons now […]

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Fag Hag

If you manage to drink enough to find this funny, the hangover will stay with you longer than the humor. This gay version of Waiting for Guffman is set in Hope Springs, California (home of the world?s largest parking lot), where unlovable loser Destiny Rutt, a blank slate who keeps filling herself in as she […]

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Exuberant and entertaining, Patrick-Ian Polk’s deft 2000 comedy combines the showbiz excess of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with the sharp romantic observations of Sex and the City. Four African-American men fall in and out of love in west LA; their drag-queen act, the Sisters, provides camp commentary on their personal adventures. Among the attractive […]

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My Little Angel

This pseudonaive musical-cum-religious allegory from Puerto Rico offers magic realism with a religious twist. Directed by Enrique Pineda Barnet, it’s a family film merrily delivering a story that alternately charms and cloys, borrowing unashamedly from It’s a Wonderful Life, Annie, The Secret Garden, and A Little Princess. Maria de las Estrellas (“Maria of the Stars”) […]

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Razor Blade Smile

This tragically hip gorefest by Jake West chronicles the adventures of Lilith Silver, a lascivious vampire loose in contemporary London. Played by Eileen Daly as a Diana Rigg-style dominatrix, she works as a hit woman, engages in torrid lesbian sex with a willing victim, and battles Sir Sethane Blake, the 19th-century rogue who initiated her […]

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Five Vancouver teens raise hell in an amusement park that’s been shut down, enjoying the rides, swilling down whiskey, and sucking joints, but their solitude begins to seem more a symbol of abandonment by the adult world than some teenage fantasy. Chloe is pregnant by the leader, Darrin; Stick, a macho lout, is secretly gay; […]