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Dream Hotline

The night my boyfriend moved in I had no dreams. There was a hanger shortage. Actually a closet shortage, which left him stranded, Hefty bags of boots and towels in hand, piles of dry-cleaning bags sticking to his arms. There was a scene, one involving flying sweaters and freshly cut keys, after which he went […]

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Fashion Statements: prisoner of the Brickyard

We found Kirt Brown doing time at the Brickyard Shopping Center, shuffling down the long corridors, shackled to his mom. His uniform–supersized, soft, and slouchy–mumbled something about classroom comfort. But our Fashion Wardens aren’t easily fooled. They isolated the look in solitary until it spilled the whole sorry tale. The primary suspect: long shorts. Their […]

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Fashion Statements: wardrobe for a small, wet planet

We met Adam Thesz en route to his favorite fashion outlet–the Omni Super Store. Thesz stops there regularly to restock on high-quality plastic sacks, the ones he swears make the snappiest and most durable booties. Rolling by on his low-velocity velo, Thesz’s protective headgear, eyewear, snowgear, and raingear seem to tread function-over-form tracks: “Fully dressed, […]

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Fashion Statements: ready for the worst

We discovered Jim and Sue Gill braving the line for Passion Fish. Their outfits–two sets of prerumpled weekendwear–were rigged for a long evening slouched in folding chairs. Though everything seemed foursquare and shipshape, our Fashion Explorers, ever curious, ever cautious, scouted around to chart the territory. Both outfits might have been poached from wardrobe at […]

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Fashion Statements: the divided elf

We met Christina Eason stationed outside the Cozy Cloud Cottage on the fifth floor of Marshall Field’s downtown store, where the wait to whisper in Santa’s ear had ebbed to 30 minutes. Her sparkle-spangled suit caroled seasonal high spirits, though the rolled-up sleeves and cuffs conceded to the temporary, and corporate (one size fits most), […]