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Our Jail System Is Sick

I’ve volunteered in the jail, and the conditions there are absolutely inhumane. The public chooses to ignore this because it doesn’t “directly” affect them. These men and women deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, despite their alleged crimes. M Lakeview

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On Exhibit: a secret society shows itself

A year ago this month I was abducted by a tough-looking character with a filterless Camel dangling from his lips. He placed a callused hand on my shoulder and said, “Come with me.” I hesitated. “Don’t worry,” he said. “You won’t get hurt.” He brought me to a nondescript storefront in East Pilsen, where I […]

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Young Love

To the editors: I am curious to know why, in your “beach boys” article [“The Boys at the Beach,” August 28], you not only changed the names of the boys, but never mentioned the name changes. Is it that “Mark” is ashamed that his last girlfriend punched him? I am his last girlfriend. I should […]