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Michael Columbia

“Dog Dog Camel,” the lead track on this Chicago duo’s new Stay Hard EP (on Galapagos4’s Alabaster imprint), kicks off like a Day-Glo hybrid of Nintendo bonus-level music and the sound track to a B-grade spy movie. After a few seconds, though, they drop in a surprise: the stylized, semi-improvised pop electronica on their two […]

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For nearly 12 years this Boston trio has been making ferocious industrial-soundscape rock with instruments welded out of scrap metal. Neptune started life as the project of sculptor and guitarist Jason Sanford, and he’s still responsible for much of the homemade gear, including an amplified thumb piano, a metal floor tom with a built-in mike, […]

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The Treatment

Friday21 HAPTIC Haptic is a spin-off of the Dropp Ensemble, whose 2003 CD, The Empire Builders, is the best piece of drone music to come out of Chicago since Jim O’Rourke left town. Both groups feature Joseph Mills and Adam Sonderberg playing electronic and acoustic instruments with percussionist Steven Hess, and both groups make layered, […]