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In Print: the joy of Sox

The long-suffering Cubs fan is a cliche; in fact, there’s a certain perverse glory in being one. But what glory does Richard Lindberg garner for his lifelong love affair with the White Sox? “I was the only Sox fan in Norwood Park,” Lindberg says. “My grandfather, whom I never met, was a Sox fan. I […]

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Pay Phone

The Korean woman who ran the little grocery store in the middle of my block wasn’t about to win any popularity contests with her neighbors, even before she had a public telephone installed out front. It was ostensibly a neighborhood store, the neighborhood being Ravenswood Manor, a tiny island of comfortable suburbia surrounded by less […]

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The War at Home

Monday, January 14 “I haven’t slept well for a month,” the guy said. “I gotta do something.” “You too?” I said. I tell him that I live next to the el. It runs at ground level out where I am. Every half hour or so, the Ravenswood rumbles by. When it’s wet out the train’s […]