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Susan Nussbaum, 1953-2022

Editor’s note: Chicago playwright, novelist, actor, director, and disability rights activist Susan Nussbaum died April 28 of pneumonia at 68. Playwright Mike Ervin, who collaborated with Nussbaum as cowriter on the comedy revue The Plucky and Spunky Show and whose 1999 play, The History of Bowling, was directed by Nussbaum, remembers his friend and mentor. […]

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Euthanasia Made Easy

The United States of Leland * (Has redeemming facet) Written and directed by Matthew Ryan Hoge With Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling, Chris Klein, Ann Magnuson, Jena Malone, and Kevin Spacey. A few years back some disability-rights activists were offended by the movie There’s Something About Mary. I wholeheartedly disagreed. Sure, the Farrelly brothers threw in […]

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Normal and Bloomington, IL

Bloomington and Normal are located in Illinois’ biggest county, McLean, which is about the size of Rhode Island. There are a lot of colleges here besides Illinois State University, including Illinois Wesleyan and Lincoln College. No one can accuse Normal of not living up to its name. Illinois State’s Ralph Weisheit says the most common […]

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Visiting the psych ward at Northwestern Hospital is like a dream. You step up to the big steel bank-vault door and ring the bell. You state your business and they let you in and the hatch thuds shut behind you. I’m here to see Jimmy. When he was in for a routine visit with his […]