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The Melanin Martha celebrates the sweets of the south at the next Monday Night Foodball

Georgia Gilmore’s Club From Nowhere sold peach pie and pound cake to support the carpool system that sustained the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. Sixty-five years later, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, the Bakers Against Racism movement followed her path and took the ad hoc social justice bake sale worldwide. “Black folks, we […]

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Diaspora weaves together the threads of the Black culinary experience at the next Monday Night Foodball

Nanny Evon could throw down chicken and dumplings for her 21 siblings and cousins like it was nothing. “She cooked for all of them,” says Rob Carter. “She doesn’t know how to cook for a small group of people.” That’s just one thing Carter got from his grandmother. I saw it myself earlier this summer […]

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It’s breakfast for dinner with Vargo Brother Ferments at the next Monday Night Foodball

You know how it goes. You spend your sweaty, fitful sleeping hours tossing and turning, dreaming of biscuits and gravy; eggs and hash; ham, cheese, and jam deep-fried French toast sandwiches. Your stomach is gnawing on itself, and when the alarm finally rings, you bolt upright out of your stupor and—damn! It’s 6 PM already. […]

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Raise your glass to Lucky when Laos to Your House returns to Monday Night Foodball

On Saturday nights, Lucky Seuamsothabandith kicks back with his buddies, drinking Henny and Perrier. There’s always a spread on the table, and it invariably includes yum seen, the minty, chili-flecked beef salad with red onions, lime, fish sauce, and toasted rice powder that’s the ideal Lao drinking food. “I try to outlast them,” says his […]