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In Performance: from page to stage

Stephanie McCanles had just broken up with her boyfriend when she came across Adrian Tomine’s comic book Optic Nerve. Floored by Tomine’s acerbic humor and starkly illustrated stories about alienated urbanites, McCanles–the artistic director of the Milwaukee avant-garde theater group Inertia Ensemble–knew she had to get the latest issue. Unable to find it in Milwaukee, […]

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Music Notes: bowing the blues

When Ruby Harris steps up to play a solo he looks small, shy, and entirely out of place as he chins a 166-year-old electrified violin. But when he starts sawing out Muddy Waters’s “You Can’t Spend What You Ain’t Got,” the notes pour out with demonic intensity–a blistering glissando that somehow sounds both eerily exotic […]

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Mean Street

There was a bang outside my kitchen window–a big bang with reverb, a Hollywood bang. Whatever that was, it wasn’t a gunshot, I thought. A gunshot sounds like metal corn popping. Then a car peeled out, and I pulled back the curtain. He was lying on his back under the stop sign across the street, […]