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Review: The Mother

If you’re looking for wit or charm or invention or frills, you should probably skip it. But if you want to see Jennifer Lopez bloodily take apart a bunch of bad guys in the name of maternal love—well, The Mother will take care of you.

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Miirrors’ shining debut reflects the kinship of the band’s members

Miirrors’ sound is as smooth as their name suggests. The Chicago outfit’s debut album, Motion and Picture (Pravda), is filled with giant, radio-ready alterna-rock meticulously designed and arranged for earworm bliss. Formed by singer Brian McSweeney and drummer Shawn Rios, who can trace their friendship back nearly 25 years, Miirrors originally focused on recording, but […]

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Senegalese legend Baaba Maal makes retro Afrofuturist music on Being

Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal has been recording for close to four decades, and at age 69 he still sounds relentlessly, almost eerily contemporary. While his first album, 1984’s Djam Leelii, features himself and his teacher Mansour Seck on acoustic guitars in a mesmerizing, fluid triumph of griot tradition, he’s since embraced electronics and transnational collaboration. […]