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Thomas E. Ricks

As public support for the Bush administration’s invasion and occupation of Iraq continues to dwindle, there’s certainly no shortage of published critiques of the enterprise. But Thomas Ricks’s sober assessment Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq (Penguin) stands out not only for its panoramic sweep but also for the author’s willingness to criticize officers […]

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John Dean

Since coming to prominence in 1973 as the White House lawyer who exposed Richard M. Nixon and his circle to a Senate committee during Watergate, John Dean has established himself as a cloth-coat conservative who’s willing to cry foul on the betrayal of democratic principles; his 2004 book, Worse Than Watergate, was an incisive critique […]

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Greg Palast

Muckraking journalist Greg Palast specializes in stories that get disturbingly little play in the U.S. media. In 2001, for example, he was the first to reveal how Florida Republicans used outside contractors to disenfranchise thousands of minority voters in that state, tilting the 2000 election to George W. Bush. Since then he has doggedly pursued […]

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John Crawford

John Crawford was on his honeymoon and two credits away from college graduation when an e-mail informed him that his Florida National Guard unit would be sent to Iraq for the March 2003 invasion–a mission that ended up lasting much longer than he and his cohorts were promised. In The Last True Story I’ll Ever […]

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Joseph Wilson

In 2002 the CIA sent Joseph Wilson, longtime diplomat and former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, to the west African nation of Niger to investigate suspicions that Saddam Hussein had tried to obtain uranium mined there for use in nuclear weapons. He returned to report that the claims were groundless, only to hear George Bush tell […]

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Christopher Scheer

The evidence is mounting that George W. Bush and his neoconservative gurus sold the American electorate on the Iraq war by shoveling blatant lies that went far beyond the usual spin and BS of politics. Yet while recent months have seen those lies fray–and the arguments for war collapse into a din of accusations, backpedaling, […]

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Neal Pollack: Shut Up!

To the editors: While Neal Pollack may be uninterested in hearing what anyone other than himself thinks about the upcoming attack on Iraq (“Everybody Shut Up!” February 28), he should remember that however smug, self-righteous, and lacking in originality some of the pundits and so-called “poets” may be, they nonetheless do speak for a lot […]

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Lecture Notes: beyond Mir survival

When Soviet cosmonaut Anatoly Pavlovich Artsebarski climbed into his rocket on its launchpad in Kazakhstan on May 18, 1991, he had little idea that his country was about to go through a major political upheaval. As commander of the Soyuz TM-12 spacecraft, he blasted off with two crewmates–Sergei Krikalev and Helen Sharman–to rendezvous and dock […]

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Ben Folds Five

When is bitter cynicism just a negative energy drain, and when is it a sign of someone’s willingness to face unpleasant realities? Hell if I know, but whatever his case, I get quite a thrill from Ben Folds’s intelligent venom. It would be one thing to shout lyrics like “Kiss my ass” or “Give me […]