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Quimby’s Queer Store

Quimby’s Queer Store is no ordinary bookstore. Browsing in it can make you dizzy. “My goal is eventually that when people walk in they’re just overwhelmed: like, ‘Oh my god what is this.’ I want them to be stunned,” says proprietor Steven Svymbersky. You might have been more than just overwhelmed had you walked in […]

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Reel Life: local kid makes vids

Eight-inch-tall Kiss dolls, whose platform shoes make up at least an inch of that height, are dancing on Dion Labriola’s dining-room table. Or at least that’s what the young film and video maker tries to imagine as he positions and repositions the figures of the glam-rock band, propping them up, leaning them against each other, […]

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Roger and Me–Mostly Me

To the editors: Your review of Roger & Me [February 2] contained your usual attention to cinematic history and criticism and a creative, intelligent way of integrating these issues in a way that’s accessible to a non-academic reading audience. This approach sets you apart from every other writer on cinema in Chicago. On the other […]