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Yo Mama

I gotta nicey restipe data my sista Maria she givey to me. D’Americani they makey some good stoff and my sist she getta da restipe from a frien. She makey witta pond cake. Oh, my kids dey love dissa pond cake. I likey too. It’sa pond cake ana soma whoop cream. But I makey witta […]

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The Laughing Lama

The Laughing Lama By Rose Spinelli “Welcome to…what do we call this any-way?” The holy man giggles and his eyes dance over our faces, as though hoping one of us might lob him the right answer. The uninitiated could raise an eyebrow here. Some of us have been sitting cross-legged for 45 minutes, long enough […]

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Smooth Operator

By Rose Spinelli Zamboni. Is it ice cream? An item in a sex-toys catalog? A noodle shape? “I don’t care if you drive a Maserati,” a woman says coolly to a Zamboni driver. “I’m not impressed by fancy cars.” A Zamboni is the machine that keeps the ice at a rink mirror-glass smooth. For anyone […]

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One-Track Minds

One-Track Minds By Rose Spinelli In salon B the lighting is muted. A hush hangs in the air. The audience has yielded to the speaker. They’re in search of something ephemeral. They’ve traveled from all over the country in the hopes of finding it. Most were young and wild, but a few found the rapture […]

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Family Food

By Rose Spinelli I was in the produce section of one of those gourmet grocery stores looking for a choice bunch of rabe when I noticed that a tall, golden-haired woman with a fur hat and coat and very thin, red lips was sort of stalking me. She and a shorter man, in a full-length […]