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Heirs to the Drone

High on Fire at the Double Door, July 11 Interviewer: “Do you ever practice?” Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath guitarist: “No.” We do not yet know what makes metal heavy. The music itself was invented by accident, by people who demonstrably did not know what they were doing and had no idea what it would turn […]

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In Print: clip-art characters speak the motherfucking truth!

It’s a half-assed Internet comic someone whipped off at his temp job. Two karate fighters–static, fake-looking clip-art figures–ponder the insane idea that they themselves could make up imaginary fighters to practice battle techniques that aren’t even real yet. “But dude, what if they turned real on your ass? Would they battle you?” On David Rees’s […]

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Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young “Let’s Roll” Is there anything grimmer and greyer than the Myth Of America? I am sick of the Myth Of America. Granted, Bruce [Springsteen]’s America is at least fractionally different from Rambo’s–a good bad sitcom compared to a bad bad one–but since we’re talking belief systems and the goddam marketplace, how many billion […]

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Beyond Reason

Is there something valuable about the way things sound when they sound like they’re going wrong? …. it’s a whole way of making music, not just challenging but gut-level exciting, and people can actually get good at it.

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Stupid and Contagious

Gimmie Indie Rock V. 1 (K-tel) By Seth Sanders Greatest-hits collections are sleazy enough as entertainment, but they’re even worse as history. The whole 20th century washed up recently as an example: those TV retrospectives on the eve of the so-called millennium that compressed the rise of Henry Ford, the invention of the atom bomb, […]