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The Naughty Professor

To the editors: It was with sorrow bordering on despair that I read Hot Type in the Chicago Reader of June 24, 1994–sorrow, because Northwestern University has a reputation as one of the country’s great universities, and despair, because if Northwestern is not willing to stand up for the First Amendment and academic freedom, then […]

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Restaurant Tours: Joel Ponchalek seeks a wider audience

Clark Street between Belmont Avenue and Wrigley Field is distinguished by a motley assortment of ethnic eateries. You’ll find Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Ethiopian, and Philippine restaurants along that stretch. American food tends to be limited to hot dogs and hamburgers with one interesting exception–Joel’s Theatre Cafe. For the past four years the Organic […]

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Restaurant Tours: Brazil, Portugal, and Albany Park

Rio’s Casa Iberia, in Albany Park, bills itself as “the only Portuguese and Brazilian restaurant in Chicago.” Such a claim invites not only the usual question–how good is the food?–but also the question of how well it represents Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine. The answer to the first question is easy. Certain gastronomic principles apply universally–quality […]