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Edward P. Jones

After Edward P. Jones lost his job as a business writer, he took his office computer home and wrote The Known World, a novel about black slave owners in 19th-century Virginia. Jones ran through his severance pay and unemployment, but he isn’t looking for work: this year, his book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. […]

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The Obama Juice

Barack Obama’s political director calls it “drinking the juice.” Once campaign volunteers “start drinking the Obama juice,” Dan Shoman told the New Yorker, “you can’t find enough for them to do.” Political writers are drinking the Obama juice, too, and they’ve gotten so drunk on the Senate candidate they’re shouting over each other to offer […]

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In Brief

AMAZONIA: FIVE YEARS AT THE EPICENTER OF THE DOT.COM JUGGERNAUT James Marcus New Press James Marcus’s amusing memoir tells how it was to be in the right place (Seattle) at the right time (the 90s). Personally interviewed by Jeff Bezos, Marcus was the 55th hire at then ramshackle Tired of starving as a freelance […]