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In Brief

After the Quake Haruki Murakami (Knopf) After the Quake is Haruki Murakami’s response to the massive Kobe earthquake of 1995. Instead of treating the subject directly, the stories in this collection give it a creepy sidelong glance that invokes science fiction and horror films. In one story a man discovers that the box he’s carrying […]

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Credit and Agency

In the law school library, harassed by coffee headaches and razor sharp paper edges, Roz would occasionally drift into a remembered scent–frangipani and pineapple rind, some rotting garbage amid the sweet–and every sense in her would mourn the end of her travels. Yet she recoiled when, studying on her boyfriend’s leather sofa instead of in […]

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Chi Lives: the consummate host

“Welcome, welcome!” says Truong Anh-Tuan as customers enter New Saigon, the Vietnamese restaurant he owns at Argyle and Broadway. “Please!” Anh-Tuan gestures for them to sit down. Then he moves from table to table, making sure everyone is happy. Today he’s even more animated than usual, as his thoughts are focused on the upcoming celebration […]