Reader Best of Chicago 2021 presented by Green Thumb, sponsored in part by Curaleaf, Goethe Institut, Chicago History Museum | Categories: Arts & Culture, Buy Local, Cannabis, City Life, Food & Drink, Sports & Recreation, Music & Nightlife

The choices in each ballot category are those nominated most often by voters in an earlier nominating round.

Twenty categories were themselves the top nominees for the nominating category “Best ballot question we should have included but didn’t.” The choices in those categories are the top nominees from a bonus round of nominations.

Voting will run until noon on Wednesday, February 2, and winners will be announced in print and online with the publication of the March 3, 2022 special Best of Chicago 2021 issue.

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You can change your votes or vote in additional categories anytime before the polls close by coming back to this ballot and using the same e-mail address you used before. (Find the “Already Entered?” link at the top of the ballot if your e-mail address is not displayed.)

Best of Chicago 2021 is
presented by

Green Thumb

sponsored in part by

Goethe Institut
Chicago History Museum

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For purposes of the Best of Chicago, “Chicago” may be generously interpreted as the Chicago area except where the category is specific to a city neighborhood or to the suburbs. We may at our discretion exclude any nominees we determine to be outside the Chicago area for their categories and we reserve the right to exclude any suspicious, abusive, or nonqualifying nominations or votes.

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