Best “adult use” (rec) budtender

Jeff Iansiti 

Runner-up: Brandon Sherlock

Best “adult use” dispensary

Dispensary 33 

Runner-up: Sunnyside Wrigleyville

Best cannabis accessory boutique (non-dispensary)

Canna Bella Lux 

Runner-up: Saint Lucia’s Smoke Shop

Best cannabis accessory selection in a dispensary

Sunnyside Wrigleyville 

Runner-up: RISE Mundelein

Best cannabis advocacy or restorative justice organization

Cannabis Equity Coalition Illinois  

Runner-up: Chicago NORML

Best cannabis supper club, home chef, or caterer

High-minded Events 

Runner-up: Manny Mendoza

Best clinic to get certified for a medical card

Dr. Mauricio Consalter 

Runner-up: Acute on Chronic

Best consumable, other (mint, tablet, snack food, etc.)


Runner-up: 1906 drops

Best grow support resource

Soul and Wellness 

Runner-up: Home Grow Chicago

Best home grow supply shop

Chicago Roots Hydroponics & Organics 

Runner-up: Brew & Grow

Best infused beverage (drink, drop, syrup, tea)


Runner-up: PTS Tonic

Best infused chocolate

Mindy’s Caramelized Chocolate Marshmallow Graham 

Runner-up: incredibles

Best infused gummies


Runner-up: Wana

Best local CBD source (local non-dispensary shop or brand)

Cubbington’s Cabinet 

Runner-up: CBD Kratom

Best medical budtender or patient care rep

Katie Sullivan 

Runner-up: Jeff Iansiti

Best medical cannabis dispensary

Dispensary 33 

Runner-up: RISE Mundelein

Best non-vape concentrate (strain & brand/producer)

RYTHM Jack Herer 

Runner-up: Cresco Pineapple Express

Best pet CBD product

Cubbington’s Cabinet P’Nut Budder Drops 

Runner-up: Cubbington’s Cabinet Chik’n-licious Drops

Best product for increased libido

1906 Love Drops 

Runner-up: Afternoon Delight

Best strain or consumable product for pain relief (include producer)

RYTHM Kosher Kush 

Runner-up: nuEra LSD strain

Best strain or product for relief of anxiety (include producer)

RYTHM Orange Herijuana 

Runner-up: Cubbington’s Cabinet Classic CBD

Best strain or product for sleep (include producer)

incredibles snoozzzeberry 

Runner-up: Cubbington’s Cabinet Nighttime Reserve

Best topical

Dr. Solomon’s 

Runner-up: PTS Body Oil

Best vape concentrate (strain & brand/producer)

Cresco Lemon Bean 

Runner-up: RYTHM Live

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