Credit: Ireashia Bennett

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The south-side Chicago Lawn neighborhood is suffering from poverty and rampant foreclosures, but its residents at least have an accessible, affordable health-care option. For seven years now, the Inner-City Muslim Action Network has operated a clinic in a former bank. A medical director, a nurse practitioner, a lab tech, and a rotating roster of volunteer doctors, nurses, and medical students provide treatment for 85 patients a week—free for those eligible for charity care. Dr. Adiba Khan, the clinic’s business operations manager, says the Affordable Care Act has left “pockets of need”: services at hospitals and regular doctors’ officers are still more than many can afford, and undocumented immigrants aren’t covered by the ACA. (Many Chicago Lawn residents are from Mexico.) The clinic treats acute and chronic conditions, mental as well as physical. Khan says violence in the neighborhood is a particular health problem, not only because of the wounds it inflicts but also because it increases stress and makes residents less willing to exercise outside. The clinic is open 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays and 10 AM to 2 PM Sundays (Saturdays it’s closed).