Credit: Courtesy Humboldt House

California Avenue between North and Chicago Avenues is blossoming into a must-visit corridor of modest, tasteful shops and restaurants that has the potential to reach a saturation point when Brendan Sodikoff does whatever he plans on doing to the California Clipper. Hopefully it won’t drive up the price point at any of the highly affordable furniture shops that’ve popped up—especially not at Humboldt House, my personal favorite. Proprietor Claire Tibbs has excellent taste in midcentury-modern furniture, specifically sofa chairs, tables, and lamps. She also stocks rugs with richly woven patterns, prints with ghostly and sensual silhouettes, mystical jewelry, quirky wall hangings, and smartly curated knickknacks and gewgaws. All of this usually would make for a place where I’d walk around and sigh heavily at what I can’t afford, yet Humboldt House’s items are priced surprisingly well; it’s not the Salvation Army, but it’s far from Brimfield or Circa Modern. That’s the rub: it’s not the cheapest place to buy furniture, but it’s reasonable enough to make me unable to stop buying stuff for my apartment.