The big grocery stores have a unique ability to pair old, poorly rotated produce and an overall unpleasant parking/shopping/checking-out experience. Whole Foods is an exception, but it’s also the only place you can accidentally spend $15 on a salad from the salad bar. Family Fruit Market in Portage Park is a real breath of fresh air. And fresh produce. The market prides itself on rotating the fruits and vegetables at regular intervals and it shows; everything is ripe and bright, and the selection is amazing. The best part, and why Family Fruit was recommended to me by a friend in the first place, is that it’s really, really cheap. And they have a weekly flyer with prices that have been reduced even further. The place is probably a quarter the size of a major grocery store, maybe smaller, but they still have a deli counter, a butcher, and aisles that go well beyond basic necessities (their selection of ethnic foods is vast). Last time I went, I was cooking to a recipe and they had every ingredient I needed. And I spent about what I would have spent on a single trip to the salad bar at Whole Foods.