Credit: Light Brigading via Flickr

Chicago Light Brigade, @ChiLightBrigade

The Chicago Light Brigade performs creative protests the group has dubbed “light actions”—using projectors, battery-powered LEDs, paper lanterns, and the like—to make literally brilliant political statements. Inspired by a similar Milwaukee-based project called the Overpass Light Brigade, CLB supports grassroots activism by appearing at various events and helping other organizations build illuminated props, the most common being boards mounted with lights, each one carrying letters spelling out calls for change: fund public education, free the nato 3, fair housing now. The group also stages its own events, including the For Our Fallen vigil held annually in December in memory of homicide victims. Last year, CLB also successfully pressured CPS to repair faulty fire alarms and remove lead paint from classrooms at Gale Elementary School in Rogers Park. Beaming brightly, the message—get the lead out—could not be ignored.