Credit: Courtesy Zachary Hart Baker

Is that Nocturo Culto of Darkthrone gracing the B Side of the Reader in full black-metal regalia? No, that’s actually little old Lorde—it’s just an issue that’s passed through the hands of local artist Zachary Hart Baker. Since the beginning of the year, Baker has been attacking Reader covers with a black Sharpie, turning them into his own versions of Marduk and Mayhem band photos. He makes the cover subjects up with corpse paint, gives them long, scraggly beards, and outfits them with black leather, chains, and spiked gauntlets. No one is safe from a satanic transformation, not even Paradiso Błekitna Przystan, the handsome pooch who graced the cover of our March 27 issue; Baker turned him into a horned demon fit to guard the gates of Hades, blood dripping from his gigantic fangs and solid-black pupils staring through your soul. And what black-metal record-cover re-creation would be complete without Reader headlines mutated into sprawling, sinister, barely legible script? Baker’s hoping to do something or other with his collection of blackened newspaper covers in the future, but for the time being you can check out his artistic repurposings at #blackmetalyourface on Instagram each week.