Ladies, here’s a way to test that new beau: take him to see Off Off Broadzway‘s next show. If he can stand the broadz’ relentless heckling of male audience members—not to mention their members—without going limp, he’s a keeper. The all-female parody burlesque troupe’s latest effort, Day Drinking and Sleep Eating, was filled to the brim with ball-busting barbs. On the night I attended, “lady pimp” Dolly Natrix (Jill Valentine) closed the show by screaming at an aptly named and appropriately embarrassed fellow, “Look at me when I’m menstruating, Peter!” But the cast can take it as well as they can dish it out, and they’re hilariously harsh on one another. Expect running commentary on everything from the puny IQ on Ricki Dickyouless (Mandy Whitenack) to the paltry dimensions of “Little Andy,” the hypothetical manhood belonging to MC Andy Drogynous (Kelly Bolton). Size matters with Off Off Broadzway, boners are welcome if unlikely, and cocktails are a necessity.