Credit: Frank Porcaro

The headline in question reads “Dozens Dead in Chicago-Area Meatwave,” and it’s still such a good dig. Meat Wave guitarist and front man Chris Sutter and drummer Ryan Wizniak are old friends, and Sutter says Wizniak so frequently quoted the 2003 Onion story—which goes into gory detail about the “estimated 40 residents dead of steaks, chops, ribs, bacon, and various other forms of meat exhaustion”—that it became a running joke between them. When their excellent local postpunk trio got together in 2011, Sutter suggested they call it Meat Wave, and it stuck. “I think we initially liked it and thought it was funny—and since, it’s been hit-or-miss,” he says. “Some days I think it’s great; some days I think it sucks. Lately I feel good about it.” And they aren’t the only Chicagoans to have had this stroke of genius: for Chicago Craft Beer Week in 2011, Half Acre brewed a one-off IPA called Meat Wave. Last year, after Meat Wave the band played for a Mud Queens bout at Reggie’s, a Half Acre employee approached Sutter—who quickly offered assurances that he hadn’t nicked his group’s name from the beer. Half Acre’s reply: “No, we’re not mad at all—we stole the name from the Onion.”