Credit: Miles Raymer

Loose Dudes

The punks in Loose Dudes are heirs to a proud brainlessness that goes all the way back to the Ramones, the original aggressive troglodytes in a scene overrun with art-school twerps. My roommate, Gossip Wolf scribe J.R. Nelson, recently returned to our place after a Loose Dudes gig with a fierce newfound love for the group, their Permanent Sex Vacation cassette, and one of the most perfectly ugly T-shirts I have ever seen. On the front is a line drawing of a lady in a thong bathing suit who might be considered 80s sexy if her face wasn’t rendered in such a jacked-up fashion. Next to that are the words “Loose Dudes,” spelled out vertically so that they run right over over the shirt’s original graphic: the logo of the bar beloved of every jock who’s ever been on spring break, Señor Frog’s. On the back: Señor Frog himself offering the viewer a beer with his own picture on the label. The effect—a truce between two warring social groups based on nosediving to the lowest of lowbrow aesthetics—is stunning, and pretty much eliminates the need to ask whether it’s genius disguised as idiocy or the other way around.