Watching local supergroup Football onstage is like watching one of the last couple of cars in a demolition derby, where you know it’s going to burst into flames, emerge victorious, or both. Their brute-force rock ‘n’ roll attack—a minimum of chords, played sledgehammerly—seems custom designed for wrecking gear, and all four of the guys involved (current and former members of the Baseball Furies, the Ponys, Tight Phantomz, and France Has the Bomb, among many other bands) seem locked in a competition to see who can cause the most chaos. When I tried to describe them after a maelstrom of a set at this year’s SXSW, I settled on “disaster punk” and have yet to come up with anything more accurate. Their anarchic energy by itself would make them way more interesting than your average guitar band, but the big dumb noise they make is full of sneaky, clever hooks and their as-yet-unreleased EP is the unruliest-sounding rock record in recent memory.