Credit: Ireashia Bennett

2956 S. Wallace, 773-742-8782

Far be it from me to tell Diane von Furstenberg how to design a dress, but the purple silk number I got for like six bucks at a thrift store a few months ago just didn’t work for me. It was open in the front and drapey enough that it covered everything, but a gust of wind was a guaranteed ticket to titty town; inadvertently exposing my breasts in public is a thing I try to avoid. Even though the dress only cost me a few bucks, it’s von Furstenberg and it’s silk, so I wanted to take it to someone who wouldn’t botch it. And even though I live over in Avondale, I’d heard from a fashionable friend that Oriental Fine Tailor was worth the trip to Bridgeport. She was right. Open for around a decade, it appears to be a mother-son operation (she does the altering, he does the translating), and the two make an efficient team. It took her less than a minute to find a perfect spot to place a snap. She also recommended sewing the front of the dress closed below the new hidden snap, which turned out great. The price on my invoice? Four bucks. I figure $10 total is a pretty awesome deal for a designer dress. And a small price to pay to keep my dignity intact.