Credit: Andrea Bauer

Jason Turley at Bar Deville

701 N. Damen

When ice cheffing, bespoke glassware, and barrel-aged batching signal the apex of imbibing, it’s important to remember that the best bartenders aren’t necessarily tailor-vested stiff-necked chemists but warm-blooded mammals you’d actually want to drink with. Bar Deville’s Jason Turley is no lickspittle—on nights when too many requests for Grey Goose and Red Bull come across the bar, he can summon the spirit of Travis Bickle (he’s only human). But a natural deadpan and endearingly benevolent malevolence make him one of the more companionable barkeeps in town. If dry humor makes you too thirsty, try his signature cocktail, the Creepy Uncle: “PBR, bourbon shot & Awkward Silence . . . $7.” —Mike Sula