Three Floyds’ Pelican tribute The Creeper

Between the number of bands boasting beer geeks among their members and the number of music geeks entering the world of craft brewing, it was inevitable that the two worlds would collide. Three Floyds has earned a reputation as a friend to metal bands by hosting a lineup of brutally heavy music for the brewery’s annual Dark Lord Day, and the guys in Pelican are well-known as beer nerds, so the team-up that resulted in the release of the Creeper in late 2010 was preordained. The doppelbock beer, which Three Floyds immodestly called “ridiculously massive,” was available for a spell at the Three Floyds brewpub in Munster, Indiana (where you could buy bottles), and on tap briefly at the Chicago release show for a Pelican retrospective box set last October. It’s long gone, but its reputation—and digital scans of its herd-of-Satanic-goats label art—lives on. —Miles Raymer