Fork and the Road

Sharon Bautista and Dimitra Tasiouras, who met through the foodie message board LTH Forum and discovered their mutual love of biking, started out by organizing the “Giro de Gelato” for other LTH members. Soon they were putting together other food-related tours for friends and family.

Three years ago they decided to offer their services to the general public, and last summer they officially launched
Fork and the Road with a 15-tour schedule. As Bautista describes it, “We ride around the city on bicycles and try some off-the-beaten-path restaurants.” They tend to favor ethnic places, markets, and “food with great stories,” taking participants behind the scenes into kitchens. Tours run four to five hours and 15 to 20 miles; stops aren’t revealed until the day of the tour so “people have to come with a sense of adventure and trust.” Each route has a theme; this year’s include “Mediterranean Cruise” (sold out except 9/25) “Blue Plate Special” (7/31 and 8/21), “Dumpling Derby” (9/12), and the only holdover from last year, the “International BBQ” tour (7/3, 8/15, and 9/18). Prices range from $50-$60 per person. Bautista and Tasiouras will also put together custom tours for groups of ten or more.