Whet Moser, Chicago magazine


A Reader staffer for four years, now Chicago magazine’s associate digital editor, Moser can write about pretty much any topic—segregation, pension funds, elections, sports, music, pop culture—with authority and insight, and never condescends to his audience, gets caught up in trendiness, or comes off sounding glib. The guy’s just really fucking smart, and he reads all the time: books, tweets, long-form articles, you name it. His style combines subtle wit (“There’s a piece of me that will continue to be surprised that twice as many people as lived in the town I grew up in would come to a city to talk car washes”) with analysis that always sounds like the words of a lifelong native, even though he’s not one. Moser’s got integrity, choosing to promote the work of the city’s underappreciated investigative reporters and avoiding all the politicking that can make the local media scene somewhat cliquish. —Lauri Apple