Credit: Eileen Meslar

The interior of Bookman’s so closely resembles an episode of Hoarders that the smell of imminent intervention practically hangs in the air. That and the smell of old books. Closet claustrophobics beware, because this place is probably your idea of the third circle of hell. Overrun with towers of books, the “organizational method” at Bookman’s is certainly one of madness; its collection more closely resembles an English professor’s demented spin on Tumbling Towers than inventory. The main draw of Bookman’s is the abundance of the obscure. From 20th-century travel books to bargain Harry Potter anthologies, Bookman’s has something for every shameless book-face. Even if you don’t walk out with a new addition to your personal library, you’ll definitely have a tale of survival and shelf dodging to share with your less courageous friends.