toys on display at kapow collectibles
Credit: Kirk Willliamson

I found the tiniest naked Troll doll here. It was lying on its stomach, with its feet kicked up, holding its little face in its hands.

As a kid, I really hated Troll dolls; their miniature grotesque faces scared me. But now, as an adult, I find them sweet and endearing—their inordinately long tufts of neon hair no longer appear threatening. 

At !Ka-Pow!!, the walls are stacked with vintage and modern toys from the 70s to today. It occupies a small space on Belmont, and at first, it’s definitely sensory overload. Between the hundreds of action figures and various Strawberry Shortcake cookware, there’s almost no negative space. But if you zoom in on the individual toys—perhaps a tiny Troll doll—you’ll find something that rekindles a childhood joy . . . or fear.  

!Ka-Pow!! Collectibles
711 W. Belmont, 847-902-2867

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