Social media potanist Cae Jones stands among giant green leafy plants
Social media potanist Cae Jones stands among giant green leafy plants Credit: Courtesy of Cae Jones

When Cae Jones was fired from his job at his neighborhood dispensary a few years ago, he could’ve pivoted toward a more traditional industry. Instead, he built an Internet presence under the moniker Jungle Cae (also Cae, the Potanist) to educate others on cannabis culture and laws, while dispelling harmful myths around marijuana stemming from the War on Drugs and  anti-drug propaganda.

“I got really passionate about learning about cannabis science and medicine and the industry,” Jones says. “I just started sharing that through my social media, and things kind of exploded to where people almost all the way around the world have recognized [me] from educating people about cannabis online.”

As a budtender, Jones’s duties initially involved helping medical marijuana consumers understand the nuances and benefits of cannabis and pinpointing the best products for their needs. After recreational cannabis use became legal in 2020, he says his employer prioritized quick customer turnover, resulting in less personalized interactions. 

Jones uses his platform to center his passion for education, dropping videos with thorough explanations on topics, such as state-by-state marijuana law reforms, and booking private consultations on subjects like growing cannabis at home. He also works to normalize cannabis use; a video in which he waters houseplants while smoking a joint recently went viral. 

“I am a young Black person educated in cannabis on a very scientific, legislative level. I focus on putting out intentional, quality media that both highlights, [or] doesn’t necessarily highlight but just features, cannabis as something that is not this wild thing,” Jones says. “I really want to open people’s minds up to what an everyday stoner can be, what an educated stoner can be, and, really, to what cannabis can be for your life.”

Cae Jones

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