Credit: Andrea Bauer

Wormhole Coffee

1462 N. Milwaukee

Though most of the clientele and staff at Wormhole Coffee look like they were still in diapers when the 80s came to a close, the cafe’s interior displays a cultlike devotion to that decade’s pop-culture ephemera. It’s a style enforced by those with a keen sense of what should be savored from that decade, whether or not anyone who set up the place can remember living through it. There’s plenty of eye candy for the nostalgic collector to feast on—the DeLorean recalling Back to the Future in the window, Calvin & Hobbes books, lunch boxes featuring Saturday morning cartoons, and posters for Ghost Busters, The Princess Bride, and The Goonies—but the real crown jewel here is the original Nintendo system: it’s a veritable time machine in the middle of the coffee shop, a portal to the days when you’d waste hours playing Super Mario 2 in your friend’s basement. It’s like that, only now your choice of beverage is a chai latte instead of Kool-Aid. —Leor Galil