Granted, this 13-episode venture created by and starring Brandon Ogborn, Brianna Baker, and Mike Malarkey doesn’t really bask in its Chicagoness. Its true focus is on newlyweds Chris and Nic, played by Ogborn and Baker respectively, as they comedically and often dramatically navigate the ins and outs of the bedroom, the still-distant prospect of parenthood, and the introduction of an irksome ex-husband (Malarkey) into the couple’s still-fresh relationship. But establishing shots of el tracks hovering in the background of a street lined with two-flats, not to mention a finale set at the Diversey River Bowl, add precisely the right touch of the city—the show’s never too stiff a cocktail, just strong enough to get you a tad sentimental. On top of that, the black-and-white cinematography captures Chicago in all its frigid glory (a pat on the back goes to Malarkey, who also directed the crisply paced series). Maybe not as tangible but as salient a hometown giveaway is the back-and-forth between Ogborn and Baker as they flex their improv-comedy muscles, toned right here in shows like their hit The TomKat Project.