Credit: Andrea Bauer

When I first saw the list of specials at Town Hall Pub, it was like something out of a dream. What mastermind thought to mix the delicacies of my childhood (gummy bears, pudding, and Jell-O) with the one true love of my adulthood (alcohol)? The boozy snacks run as cheap as a buck per helping, and ingesting a small cup of vodka-soaked bears and a serving of spiked pudding is enough to get a strong buzz going. Plus, the bar itself is a cozy place to indulge. It’s fairly unassuming within party-centric Boystown/Wrigleyville, providing the perfect refuge for a calmer clientele. Pitchers of PBR are always cut-rate, the jukebox plays everything, and on most nights you can catch comedy or rounds of trivia. All nice accents to the sweet, intoxicating attractions.