The Whistler

2421 N. Milwaukee

With his original cocktails and reinterpretations of the classics no one can dispute that the Whistler’s Paul McGee is an artist of the highest caliber. But on the first Wednesday of each month he dedicates himself to the work of other great geniuses behind the stick, selecting a classic cocktail book from his library and creating a special menu from it. These wild nights have featured everything from the challenging experimental drinks in the now out-of-print Rogue Cocktails to a bimonthly tiki night that’s featured sweet fruity rocket fuels from both contemporary mixologists and legends like Trader Vic Bergeron. There are always plenty of interesting, delicious, and rare things to drink, many of which you’ll likely never get the chance to taste again. Next up: David Wondrich’s Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl on July 6. In August McGee’s threatening to break with the program and present an all-original tiki menu. —Mike Sula