Credit: Anthony Soave Photography

When describing Victory’s Banner, the all-veg breakfast-and-lunch sanctuary in Roscoe Village, “cozy” always comes to mind. It’s cozy from the outside, situated on a corner well traveled by strollers and ringed by green space. It’s cozy in its soft, pastel-hued decor. And it’s cozy in the warm politeness of the staff, all of whom are students of meditation and of Indian spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy. But perhaps the most reassuring element of Victory’s Banner is its consistency, epitomized in what the restaurant boasts to be “our most popular egg dish,” the Satisfaction-Promise. Flanked by two dense slices of Red Hen multigrain bread and a spread of grilled breakfast potatoes, the never-dry two-egg scramble includes spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, and almighty pesto, the not-so-secret ingredient that gives the dish a rich fullness. In addition to the handful of times I’ve chosen it myself, the plate has probably been ordered at my table half a dozen more, and no one has ever left less than satisfied. I’d even venture to say that each patron was more than pleased. Go for the gold by pairing the Satisfaction-Promise with a spicy house-made chai tea, another one of Victory’s Banner’s specialties.