House Dance

Breakdance Chicago
1439 W. Wellington

Whether you want to sharpen your skills for a B-girl audition or just put a bit of slick into your living room performances, Carlos Morris and Czarina Mirani can help. A personal trainer by day, Morris has performed for almost a decade in both local and national dance shows and Mirani—a B-girl with years of classical dance training—has worked as a choreographer and dancer with the Goodman, Strawdog, and other local theater companies. Together they lead this six-week series of one-hour sessions in which they give the grapevine, the cha-cha, and other traditional dance steps a touch of hip-hop swagger, combining them into fun, cool one-hour routines.

As instructors, Mirani and Morris are patient, casual, and encouraging; anyone who loses her way will receive an instant dose of one-on-one attention. A word of advice: If you have back trouble, or are wary of getting on the floor (literally), this isn’t the right class for you. If you’re not sure, take advantage of a free trial session before making a commitment. The full course runs $95, but it may not be offered again until the fall, thanks to Mirani’s recent, frequent trips to New York City to teach. If you can’t wait that long, BDC is offering intro to hip-hop classes this summer with longtime member Al Tamper; the class is comparable in the level of difficulty and type of moves taught.