The Seldoms’ Stupormarket

What dance company isn’t on a shoestring? But sometimes a choreographer’s aspirations and achievements so far outstrip her budget that you have to sit up and take notice. Carrie Hanson of the Seldoms whomped up such a show in February’s Stupormarket, an hour-long piece that ranged hither and yon over the current disastrous economic situation—and put a human face on it. Though the Seldoms’ 2010 evening-length work, Marchland, was performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Stupormarket was shown in a Stage 773 space with no wings and rudimentary lighting. The costumes were scrounged from Goodwill. But none of that mattered. Stupormarket not only tackled the financial crisis, it imagined and embodied an appropriate response: vigorous, angry, funny. —Laura Molzahn